Intro: Renewal and Resilience

For years now I’ve felt as though I’ve been limiting myself, too afraid to actively pursue the dreams that are always at the back of my mind. I’ve been too busy or too tired or too depressed to actually make any major changes in my life and instead I’ve lived in this anxious, unfulfilled, pseudo happy state for way too long.

Events of the past year have slowly begun to push me forward. I’ve felt myself waking up and taking baby steps toward taking control of my life. A year ago I left a dysfunctional relationship. Eight months ago I began freelancing. Four months ago I traveled by myself for the first time ever. Two months ago I started seeing a therapist. And one month ago I signed up for a yearlong adventure around the world.

I now feel fully awake and ready to live. I finally have the confidence to pursue whatever it is I want in this life and I trust that I can obtain it if I want it bad enough. Over the next few months I’ll share my journey of self discovery here. I may go back and discuss the path that led me here and I’ll share the moments along the way that propel me forward or lead to further growth. I plan to share my setbacks as well, because there is no such thing as a linear path.

I hope whomever reads this finds value in my experience and perhaps I can inspire others to get up, find courage and chase their dreams. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

This cactus photographed in Moab, UT in May 2018 inspired the title for this blog

3 thoughts on “Intro: Renewal and Resilience

  1. I’m so happy, proud and excited to see you push forward and follow your dreams. Letting go of your fear(s) will only make way for more open-minded and free experiences. I’ll be following and more importantly cheering you on as this next chapter of your life unfolds!!!


  2. This makes me very happy – if wistful – and I look forward to watching it develop. We do live in a fear based world and I believe this upcoming year will help you dispel them. Personally, I think you are what Neil Stephenson calls “an incredible badass”.


  3. Ii can not express in words how proud I am of you. I so look forward to learnig from your experience!, thank you so much for sharing!


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